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Hi Street - I calld his nurse yesteray and asked her if in the next 2 weeks I was supposed to taper down even further cause my visist in on the 21th (my b-day)! And she said she knew for a fact that I was supposed to kust keep on taking the one 40 mg, pill till then. I really like this doc, but as I'v said before - we have a failure to communicate-so I mostly have his nurse to interpret for me. After I had tapered for a week she called me and asked me how I was doing cause she knew I was scared about the whole taper thing. I thought that waSo the being qyiets really nice of her. He even called me in some (12) 5mg valium. Even tho I had a stash of 10mg valium that I had been saving I just filled them for cash aat another pharmacy :nono: So the being very quiet lately has probably more to do with my Mom than anything.
Thanks for amswering so quickly Street, Mary
Hey Marry, I'm glad your doing so well. Some people are extremely sensetive to med changes and some people do very weell. I'm still baffled by my wifes ability to start and staop valium for her TMJ disorder. She's taken as much as 40mgs a day for 3 months and just stoped without any probrlem. Most docs and I would expect herto experience withdrawal but Nnnnnnnadda..., No problem whatsoever. The desire to be off meds is certainly the right mind set and I couldn't be happier that I was wrong about how this drop would go.

Iam sorry about yur mother, what a time for this to happen, as if there would ever be a good time? I wish you the best and if your able to drop another 5 or 10 mgs between now and the 21'st without discomfort, his next drop is less likely to cause a problem too and you will have a small amount to slow things down if you start feeling bad.

Hang in there, Dave