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I'm very frustrated. I have had anxiety for the last six years. The first medicine they put me on was Paxil. Asfter 3 days on the lowest dose I passed out on the living room floor. They took me off the Paxil and put me on Stelazine(1-2 mg. per day) I have to admit the Stelazine worked like a miracle! I didn't think I even had any anxiety. Well, in December, I start getting anxiety symptoms(Poor sleep, anxious feelings,etc) In early January I called my Dr. who prescribed Buspar on an as needed basis> The Buspar had some effect, but after a week on it I had the worst "pounding heart" that I've ever experienced. It was so bad it kept me up half the night. Back to the Dr. who now decides to try Zyprexa.(She also gave me Valium for the "bad times") The Zyprexa was horrible. I felt like a a zombie the first day, and sick and anxious the next couple of days. I called the Dr. and told her I couldn't tolerate the Zyprexa. She told me to just take the Valium and call her on Monday. I called Monday and she prescribed Despiramine, 25 mg.! for a week, then 2 for a week, than 3 for a week. I took the 1 25mg. for a week and didn't have any problems, as soon as I went to the 2 25 mg. I almost passed out and felt absolutely terrible all day. I called the Dr. the next day and told her I could not tolerate this medicine either. She said she didn't know what other class of medicines to try and would refer me to a Psychiatrist, and to take the Valium in the meantime( The Valium doesn't make me sick). But she said staying on Valium wasn't a good long term solution. I hope I have better luck with the Psychiatrist. Any thoughts out there for medication sensitivity and Anxiety?
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maybe you should get back on the stalazine, it and zyprexa are antipsychotics that do help some, the zyprexa dose may have been too high or maybe it just doesnt suit you
buspar as needed wont help, it must be taken daily and doesnt help for about 10 days, its a different type of tranquilliser that seldom helps much

desioramine is a tricyclic antidepressant, paxil was a prozac type antidepressant, some anxiety sufferers are very sensitive to the early side effects of these meds, if you try another start with a very low dose for the first couple of weeks
valium, taken sensibly, will help a lot but may sedate you at first, what dose do you take?
I doubt the psych will be able to improve on your meds, but try to get some more valium, a reserve stash is very good to have :rolleyes:
you do need to learn CBT and how to relax and not just rely on meds

take either valium or stelazine, whichever helps you most