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I am currently on wellbutrin and for me it has helped with anxiety. It does not happen overnight but it can happen. I first went on 150mg and finally got up to 450mg which is a very high dose. While it did help control things on a day to day basis the occasional panic/anxiety attack will occur. The feeling of being sick, anxious, sweating, you know the signs. I have a very understanding doctor who suggested we have a game plan for the panic attacks that I can't seem to bring myself out of. We decided that a prescription for 5 valium would be helpful. I only use it when I have a severe attack but it does calm my nerves just to know I have something that will help me control the situation and not think about being stuck in the attack. If your doctor would be willing to do that for you you might see a real difference with how you deal with the anxiety. Anyway, wellbutrin has helped me. Be careful if you are a small framed person though because it can and did in my case cause weight loss. I got down to 98 pounds. Just something to consider. Good luck. Keep us posted.