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Hi, yes i have been to probably 15 or 20 docs in the last year, and had all the tests. Ive had an ENG, Brain MRI, CT, sinus CT, echocardiogram, heart ultrasound, holter monitor, blood tests, EEG, BAEP, tried allergy medicine, and even had tubes in my ears. and tried antivert, valium, xanax, Depakote(migraines), and been to the chiropractor, accupuncture, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and probably some other things that i cant remember. it started last year kind of out of the blue, and i had a panic attack and went the ER, and since then it has been there. luckily, i usually feel almost "normal" when laying down. honestly, i think that this is all at some level psychologic, but i dont know how. feel free to ask me anything.