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If you can do CBT that would definitely be a good idea. If you weren't sure about the medication then there's also herbal remedies that could help.

Rhodiola can help with anxiety and stress. It also promotes serotonin.

Velarian works in the same sort of way as valium by acting on your gaba receptors (or something like that!) as does alcohol. It's not as strong though.

5-HTP helps you produce serotonin and helps you sleep.

Kava kava is a good relaxant but there is some controversy as to whether it causes liver damage.

Vitamin B complex will help your body to deal with stress. Also important to brain function.

Omega 3's are important. EFAs in fish oil are probably best but if you're veggie like me you can buy flaxseed oil or something similar. I take an omega 3, 6 +9s mix. Omega 9 can be found in extra virgin olive oil. They're important because they cushion the neuron receptors, relieves depression and also has an effect on joints.

There are also other herbal things I don't know much about like Picamilon and (L?)-Theamine (have no idea how it's spelt so that's probably wrong!)

St Johns Wort is also thought to act like an anti-depressant but without the side effects.

The CBT would probably be the best thing you could do. I've heard a lot of good stuff about the results. It would also be a long-term result, whereas medication does not always solve the actual problem.

Hope any of that helps... :)

Also, once you get into an intimate relationship, I am sure the anxiety will subside. Well it did with me. I just had to learn to trust the person. And Richdaws is right, a certain amount of anxiety is normal when you meet someone, especially if you like them. Just think, they are probably just as nervous as you! ;)