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what an easy procedure, i worried myself sik over nothing although im up at 330 am in pain .medz will kik in any min. i was in hospital for 18 hours hurts throat but i ate mcdonalds the same nite of surgey(had to hide it under covers cuz i was on a liquid diet lol) had no problems as long as i chew small bites, she brings me ice chips and i had a number3 with a srawberry shake stashed lol . i want to thank all of you for your help i couldnt of done it with out you all and im here for good to help any get thru this, i was basically laughed at by the docs, here i am 6'2" 180 lbs tattoes all over and im scared of needles lol ,anesthetic dude had had a tough time putting me out till he fond out i was jamming pantera on cd player so he gave me more and out like a lite .jamin to i'm broken by pantera, fitting huh. peace all jaymz..... :bouncing: :wave: :cool: ps i though i posted when i got back this morning but i must of thoght i did from the drugs vicodin an valium must not of went thru nite all