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Hi Benzi,
Anxiety can definately cause physical pain. I have similar symptoms, but not as severe. I'm ok going shopping or to the grocery store, but when it comes to parties or social situations I have a hard time dealing. For example, last weekend we went to my in-laws for my mother in law's b-day. All of my husbands family was there. I worried myself sick over it. My worrying usually starts the day before a social event...I get so nauseous I start to vomit along with horrible tension headaches. I also get what I call "internal shivers" before and during social situations. I hate it! I've been taking Valium on an as needed basis for a year now and I've found it really helps if I take 10mg about 30 minutes before going to any social event. It helps me to relax and not feel so uptight. It even helps my tension headaches since valium is also a muscle relaxer. Do you think that Ativan is helping you? I believe it's in the same class as valium, so it should help you relax when you're going to be around people. My usual dose of valium is 5mg, but my Dr. ok'd me to take 10mg on occasion.

Take care, hilery