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insision site is itchy, i can swallow fine but where the fusion was done omg! pain is off the scale, how long b4 this stops? vicodin es 750 wont touch it neither will valium 10's i had some left over from b4 surgery, now after surgery im in 10 times more pain and they cut my meds from vicodin 750 mg es to vicodin 500 mg and valium 10 mg to valium 5 mg what do i do i cant take it whats next up? 4 pain ?above vicodin 750 es? i cant take any codiene God this is awful and to top it off my wife thinks im a pill junkie cuz she thinks i want a buzz when i think the buzz itself sucks! i hate that feelling!!! i just want to be pain free omg this hurts so bad when you take 2 -750 mg es vicodin and the pain stays the same UGH!!!!!!!! :eek: and i cant even leave lol cant drive for 3 weeks im stuck here with this mean woman :bouncing: