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DO NOT TAKE the Naltrexene (sp?) while the heroin is still in your system
I tried to take it once when I was w/d from hydro in a desperate attept to clear my system and that night goes down in history as the worst night of my life. When it is taken , it puts you in automatic withdrawals that are 10 times any I have ever known. I later found out that the Naltrexene is what is given during "rapid detox" AFTER they administer heavy doses of Valium. Hence, the name "rapid". You'll go through 3-4 days of withdrawal at one time and it is horrible. I remember very little about that night, but I do remember pacing around by house non-stop because I literally could not stop moving my arms and legs. It's like they had a mind of their own. I shudder to think of it.
Please, do not take it!!
Good luck to you on your move!
Mary Beth