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Things that didn't work for me:
Ambien/Sonata - all I got from double doses was a hangover (no sleep at all)
Trazadone (Desyrel) - 50 mg, inconsistent, extreme day after irritability
Tricyclic ADs - asleep on my feet all day
Valium - addictive, all day hangovers, knocked me out for 12 hours
Dalmane - addictive, all day hangover, slept for 4 hours max.
Ativan - addictive, slept for 4 hours max.
Herbals - worthless
benadryl (diphenhydramine) - worthless
Guys and girls please keep me informed of how Lunesta is working for you
as ambien,Valium,Xanax,restoril,trazadone have not worked for me. The only two things that have semi worked is remeron (anti-deprassant) not ssri and seroquel 50mg which causes me to have orthastic hypotension(low blod pressure that makes you have rapid heart beat to normalize blood pressure)when you go from lying to standing
I took mine last night, the dr only prescribed me 2 mg 15 pills. It took me over 4hrs to fall asleep and sleep off and on for 10hrs , probably 6-7 hr sleep total. I have high tolerance for medicine and probably need the 3mg max. I have taken 15 mg of valium before and stayed awake for 6 hrs after taking it, ambien didnt do nothing for me except make me feel like I had a buzz. I also have taken xanax at 1mg , I get 4-5hrs sleep, I rather use the xanax .5mg for anxiety attacks. I don't want to become immune or tolerant to Xanax, since its the best thing I have ever used for panic attacks. I am wondering how many people in here use klonopin and ativan for sleeping and if it knocks you act quick and helps keep you asleep.