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Hi All,
A while back I wrote that I was taking 3 different meds, Lortab 10, Valium 10 and Soma. I said that I was losing my memory lately and wasnt sure why. I got a few replies that said it may have been to much...Guess what you were right. I talked to my PM doc and he said it was the valium. I had been taking these meds for a few years. He said that it was just my bodies way of saying it had had enough. Im glad to report that after a month of not taking Valium I have not had one incident of losing my memory. I do have one problem now and Im kinda scared to ask my PM doc about it. Since off the Valium my muscle spasms have returned with a vengence. I dont wont to be put back on the Valium cause I dont remember anything when Im on it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be a good alternative... Thanks for always helping...

T :angel:
Hi, MS.I take a generic fexril for spasms.Please don't be afraid to talk to your pm,that what he is there for and you were on valium for a reason.
I'm glad your memory loss has gotten better.Take care Heather