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Im writing this messege in tears right now because i've never spoken publicly about my problem. I've had severe depression and social anxiety for over 3 years now and ive never seakin help nor tried to get medication.

For the last 3 years ive the severity of my problem has been on and off, but i find my self easily getting back into it.

To give you a little more detail of my problems, I havent left my house but 2 times in the last 3 months. Im afraid to go outside and interact with people. I'm afraid to go fill out an application. I havent had a real conversation with anyone in over a year other then my father who i am comfortable around. Not going outside is not abnormal for me, ive got through way longer streches. I literally have dark circles around my eyes, and im very pale. Whenever im around people i dont know well, i start fittling around very nervously, messign with my hands and doing very odd things.

I'm never comfortable coversing with people , especially in a crowrd. Im known as the quite guy. I can never let go, and just joke around or speak my true feelings. I have been suffering for over 3 years now, and my girlfriend broke up with me, and she was the only real friend and contract i had with the outside of the world.

I'm going to set a doctors appointment monday morning, im finally going to speak with someone and try and get myself medication. I think im past the point of getting verbal help, and i find the only time i losen up is when ive had a few drinks in me, which isnt often because im not much of a drinker.

Someone please help me and advise me, what kind of medication is out there for me, what is strong and effective. What will help me all around. An old friend of mine once let me try xanax and valium of his, and i found it worked very well. but ive never been one to relyon medication and this is my first time accepting i have a serious problem and need it.