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{REMOVED} When you go through a state of panic or a few months of anxiety etc you are breathing to much oxygen (which we all know). After a while your body due to the lack of Carbon Dioxide begins to turn ions into toxins. Basically your body is being poisioned by the lack of oxygen. After a while the calium ions in your body are affected. These ions affect the muscles & tendons in your rib cage. After a while these muscles become sore and your body is trying to compensate for the reactions going on in your body. Your lungs are perfectly fine it is just an uncomfortable feeling. The feeling in your throat is from spasms within you throat and sternum because of the ions chaining within the body. I was told the very best thing for this is valium everyday for a while or if your doc wont give valium that you should continue to take xanax on an everyday basis until the pain begins to subside. The root of the problem should also be found.
I dont know if this will help you or not but it has helped me a lot.

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