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Hi Dee, glad things seem to be going Ok with you. And sadly no, I won't be asleep for the removal of teeth. Costs extra, and I need to keep the cost down. He will give me a valium he said, as I am panicky about the dentist no matter what they are doing, lol. Now what to do with the case of nerves while waiting. I was given a prayer shawl this morning at my Church from a group of ladies who do that. It was too cool! Anyway hope you are doing better, and better every day, and I enjoyed the dream story when they put you out! lol!

And Diana, I loved the idea of lavender in the rice pillows!!!! And question? Is the circle pillow hollow in the middle, and then you put a cold one in the hollow center? I'm not a great sewer, but have a nice little machine to try it with. I mostly do stained glass. Hoping it will keep my mind off the waiting. .

And I really love all the info I have been reading on here from all of you!!! Like the tea tree oil, which I'm going to get, and leaving the dentures out so I can heal faster! Thanks to all of you!!!!! Betty