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Hello.... my name is Hilda and I have RSD for about 8 years now. My first episode started in 1997 after I had my first neck surgery - which turned into staph infection. The RSD started in my left arm and hand. I have since had 3 neck surgeries and 3 lower back surgeries. I now pretty much have RSD all over - at different times - or sometimes - ALL over. My face is just about the worse. My left shoulder blade region, my breast area near shoulder, and my left arm are also the worst. In fact, my left breast region (near shoulder) has absolutely NO FEELING to touch the skin - BUT - it still burns. Sometimes, I can barely stand to touch myself. I cannot at all bare for someone else to touch me - especially on my left side. It is a terrible pain. I have found myself to unintentionally avoid touching anyone, to avoid the pain. My face when it is at its worst - is SO BAD that I can't even touch it at all. Even my hair hurts it. My clothes hurt me. It's a horrible, horrible feeling. Something you really cannot describe - unless you have it - you don't understand what it feels like. My friends and family - even after 8 years - are still having a difficult time remembering NOT to touch me - BUT if they let me know that they're going to hug me or touch me - then it's not so bad. I can kinda brace myself for being touched and handle it.

It's true what the doctor told you about getting RSD in more places after surgeries or traumatic situations. After each of my surgeries (spinal) my RSD spread and spread and spread. It is basically all over my body.

I don't take Neurontin for this. I found Neurontin to be a HORRIBLE medication for me. Firstly, it did not work and secondly, it is not a good medicine in my opinion. I "think" that I have heard some questionable issues about this medication.

Since I have fibromyalgia, severe spinal disease, RSD, recurring viral spinal meningitis (Mollaret's Meningitis), recurring shingles, and I am in need of another neck surgery and another lower back surgery, my pain is totally out of control - if it were not for pain medications. I HAVE to take pain medications - or I would not be able to live a somewhat normal life. I don't think of taking pain med's as an addictive nature - but as a dependent nature - just like a person who has diabetes and must have insulin. I take (for pain management) Oxycontin 80mg, Norco 10mg for break-through pain, Soma for muscle spasms, Valium 2mg for anxiety and stress, I have found that the appropriate dosage of these med's are quite good for controlling pain.

Good luck with your problem. I KNOW how painful it can be. God bless you and yours. Hilda