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Hi all....
rmc12...a wonderful natural supplement for anxiety is passionflower it is referred to as Natures "valium" . I use it in a tea as well as pill form. Skullcap is another central nervous relaxant it helps with anxiety when one should be sleeping. Valerian, this one I don't use as the smell of it alone causes me anxiety...It's nasty. There are homeopathy remedys that work great to. Do a search on anxiety + homeopathy under the popular search engine and it will name quite a few. These you have to pick yourself as unlike herbs they are very specific to your personality as well as symptoms. My remedy is pulsatilla and acontium. The pulsatilla totally turned my years of insomnia right around.
Bell...I too used to have terrible pvc's (my life was consumed with them) as I think we talked about in another post. I used hawthorne berry (a natural beta blocker) , coenzyme q10, magnesium and a good quality b complex 50 mg. This was shocking to me as it worked so well I only suffer a few flutters now pre menstrually, and no longer use any of the supplements other than the b vits and magnesim. Don quoi is a wonderful herb for those going through meno or pre it helps balance hormones. I am sure you have heard of Black cohosh for hot flashes, this remedy does not work immediately and needs to be taken for at least 3 weeks consistently for benefits. Evening primrose ...I love this one...It also has natural hormonal qualities and really helps with breast pain and cramping. Again, it needs a couple of weeks to reap benefits.
Now saying all that.....You guys should read up on all of these before trying them as some have indications that should not be taken with other meds as they do the same thing as the traditional meds you have been prescribed by your allopathic doctors. Also you may have allergies to certain flowers or plants that would not allow these to be taken. These are the herbs I am referring to. As for the b vitamins and evening primrose you should be fine. All woman with anxiety should try a B comlex at least 50mg 2 x day. These do not work overnight either but in a month you should notice a huge difference they are our "stress vitamins " and play a huge role in our body for keeping it in line. Well let me know if you have any other symptoms, these are ones I have used or do use on a regular basis. I can always ask Kim (naturopath) if you have symptoms that I have not used supplements for. These are ones that I was advised to try and use... Like I said...read up on each one before you start to see if any of them have something that would not mix well with something you are already on. For instance...st johns wort and 5htp should not be taken by anyone on an anti-depressant as they both affect the part of the brain with the seritonin uptake and you can end up in trouble as you would be taking to much and basically it would be like doubling your meds....Well theres some reading for you......Lesley