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Ok! Excited for you to have your surgery and can't wait to hear all about it when you are done! I had mine two months ago (thought it was three, it seems like SO long ago that I had to wear glasses every day!- but double checked the calandar and it is def. only two!) and things are great, dryness but nothing I can't handle.

As for you I guess I also had the benifit of having the initial exam in the AM and then going to my surgery that same afternoon, so no real build up of anxiety. I would recomend that you ask the Dr. to give the valium some time to kick in. They gave me mine and then only about 10 min later did the surgery. I probably should have asked them to give me a few more minutes b/c I was still nervous and was moving durring, which at the time seemed necissary but I know kind of stupid (looking back at it!).

As for the blackness, I explain it like this: have you ever stood on your head for a minute and then stood up really fast and your vision sort of fades out and then right back again? Well I have, and this is what it felt like for me, I didnt feel scared like "oh no my vision is GONE!" just like it faded out for a sec, then right back. The cutting was probably the worst for me, but it goes by so quickly and the next day you wont even remember what you were so worked up about. I did feel a bit sick after (probably from standing up too quick and being so nervous) but I drank some water and kept my eyes closed.

Oh, and TAKE THE NAP! I was so tired and feeling yucky when I was done that I went right home to my nap (thanks valium!) and when I woke up I felt terrific!

Relax and breathe deep, it will be all over soon and you will be so happy!