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hi i have mild spastic cp on my right side i have been on vicodin and valium plus baclofen for a year or so on a regular basis i just switched over from 6 vicdinds a day rto 3 or 4 percocets a day. the percocets are 5/325. i just started the percocet a week ago. i get all my meds from my pm doctor who is excellent. it makes me so spaced out tatth i cant even think straight. i also get these realy bad headaches that go away an hour after a dose. i take 2mg valium 4 a day and baclofen 20mg 3 a day. how ling does it take to get used to this and is it worth the side effects. it works great on the pain by the way and makes vicodin seem like nothing. i was on 2 vics every 4hrs and i take only one percocet every 4 hras.please help thx
Hey GuitarGuy,
Wow, may I ask why you are on so many strong and varied narcotics? This does not seem right. I was only rx'd the likes of vicodin and percocet after major surgeries and even then my doc controlled things very closely. He kept me at the minimum dose possible and then switched me to Tylenol or Alleve to control the pain. The vicodins, etc can be habit-forming and your tolerance increases requiring that you take more for better effects.

If it is just spasticity pain mgt you are after -- spasms, for example -- you might consider talking to another doc about anti-spastic drugs. These are things like valium, baclofen, and xanaflex. Lots of these have sedating effects too but maybe you'll get the calming effects you need for the spasms. Neurontin calms spasms but I know it is quite strong; used for epilepsy, too.

From what you are describing, you are on too many powerful drugs to even function, let alone control the spasticity from CP. Your doctor may be great, but I'd suggest having a frank chat, especially expressing your concerns about the narcotics.

From one who's been there...

Good luck and keep me posted.


"These are things like valium, baclofen, " those are the ones that i take and they do work. i am on the pain meds on aregular basis becuse i have alot of pain in my legs constantly bc of the cp. i have had 3 foot surgeries and im onnly 29 ugh. i dont get enough reklief from just teh relaxers.