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I can relate. Even now my heart feels like it's twitching. It took me almost a hour to get out of the house earlier today. I had to search for everything and then forget what I was doing. Unfortunatly, I go through spells of this along with a list of other symptoms. I try. I eat so many bananna's, fresh vegi's,drink Gatoraide. I have a full ballanced diet. I take potassium citrate prescribed by my Dr. for this along with magnesium, Vit b complexes. All recomended by my Dr. This started in mid Feb. I had and have all the classic symptoms. It is horrible. Each episode lasts a couple of days where I am debilitated.The first couple of times I did like I do now and eat/drink well and rest. In late Feb. I had a bad attack and my wife made me go to the E.R. I did not have a clue what it was, just how I felt. I explained how I felt to them and they basicly laughed at me and told me I am too young for a heart attack and threw me out. I mentioned that valium eased my symptoms of the horrible anxiety that comes with this and I think they imediatly pre-judged me. After leaving there I was driven dirrectly to my Endocrinologist and had 13 vials of blood taken. 1 abnormality that was lowwww was potassium. How in the hell can a hospital just do this to me? Now,I dont know when I should go or not. Not to mention it is a expensive day if I go. I am trying to figure things out but I am so confused most of the time. When I am not feeling ill enough to stay home I dont deal with it. I am so sick of Dr's and tests. I do know my urine is very Alkaline almost always caused by low potassium. Metabolic alkalosis has similar symptoms and is just as deadly. So I am more confused do I take the potassium citrate which lowers your ph which I know is very low as of today or not. Also all those healthy foods high in potassium also make you less acidic. Too much for me to understand in my condition. I have told my wife, my entire family and no one seems concerned a bit. My mother told me that it is probably anxiety, which I know I have. I supposed to have Lithrotripsy done next friday, I told my Urologist all this and he said nothing except decrease dose of pot. cit I called my endo and he said not to. AHHHH which dr. is going to kill me.All I know is I haven't had potassium tested since a month ago so I am unsure and if I am feeling well that day the results may be wrong anyways. What makes me more confused is I was Acid in Feb. before the potassium citrate now the far end. Did the potassium shift too? I am going monday to my dr. more blood tests and another week of waiting. I just want it to go away.I have a long history of many medical issues and have spent the last few years going and going to dr's to no end. This is new and I am not well or able enough to properly deal with it on my own and I have not.When I try it doesnt work. :eek: