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Hi! I just had my first root canal about amonyh ago. And it had to be done twice, the second time was so bad that I literally cried through the entire 3 hour ordeal because they could not keep me numb. My dentist finally had to stop after only cleaning out 3 of the canals. I then had to go back and have the last canal done, but he gave me valium before the procedure and it went better. But after all of that it triggered a flare up with my TMJ. Ihave either called or been in the dental office every week since, with some sort of pain. He gives me vicodin and soma, a muscle relaxer. I had a couple of good days and then yesterday started having intense pain in another tooth. I feel like I am ahypocondriac and am worried that I could become addicted to the pain medication. I am going back today to get the temporary crown put on the tooth that had the root canal, and I am very anxious about this. The pain never completly goes away with the meds it just gets less intense. Has anyone had similar problems?
I went back to the dentist wed. to get my temp. crown, they gave me the valium again, but did not work. They also gave me nitrous, but I guess I was too anxious about it and had another terrible experience. My dentist says that the pain and discomfort during procedure is caused from my tmj. So thurs. I went to my chiropractor and he adjusted my jaw,which helped alot. And the temp. crown also helped, by taking the pressure off my other teeth. But I woke up in the middle of the night last night with terribl pain. I got up and looked in my mouth and it was covered in blisters, and my gum behind my tooth with temp was swollen and inflammed. So I called and they gave me some stuff to rinse my mouth out with,it helped somewhat . Then when I was brushing my teeth earlier my temp. crown came off. I just put it back on and callrd dentist,well of course he has gone out of town. The dentist who is on call just said not to worry about it and see my dentist next week. It is still hurting alot! I just don't understand why I am having so much trouble, but I am glad to find people who have had trouble and understand. Hopefully things will get better.