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I am going in today to have tooth # 30 extracted. My regular dentist referred me to a Oral surgeon who is going to do the extraction under IV sedation. I am wondering what anyone experiences has been with IV sedation?? I am a very fearful patient at the dentist and hope I'm not just hyping myself up. The doc did give me some valium to take before the appointment and then will have me on laughing gas and then the iv so I should be pretty much out of it..

Did you say 30 teeth?Well that is alot I had 8 so your pain might be different afterwards then mine,But as for the I.V sedation it is a piece of cake I did not have the valium or laughing gas and it was still no problem.The worst part is just thinking how bad it will be,I mean i went in sat down I did not even feel the little pinch of the I.V.getting started next thing I know they were waking me up and that was pretty much it,I was asleep within 10 mins of sitting down if that.Dont worry you will do fine like i said thats the worst part worrying!Good luck