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How long did it take before you started to notice a decrease in your anxiety? I've been taking Lexapro(10mg) for over 2 weeks now and I haven't really noticed any changes yet. I had been taking Valium for over a year and my Dr. decided it would be a good idea to stop the Valium and start an SSRI. I'm finally getting over the horrible side effects(I lost about 10 lbs that I didn't need to loose... due to nausea/vomiting). I still don't have much of an appetite, but atleast I'm keeping things down.:) I just really wish my anxiety would ease up a little. I miss the Valium!!

Should I have noticed a difference by now? How long did it take those of you who take Lexapro to start noticing a decrease in anxiety?

Thanks so much,
I think we are all different in how we react. I am hyper sensitive so I had a horrilbe time the first week. It's been almost a month now and I feel great!
I have had two Dr. tell this and My Vet because I have a dog that takes valium. They said there are too many problems with it. One being the body metabalizes it fast and it doesn't stay in your system long and the addictive issue.
My Psyciatrist who I go see today also said he has had the most success with Lexapro. I would hang in there because it says it "could" take up to six weeks.
Keep us posted on your progress :wave:
IMO doc was silly in stopping the valium, you should have taken both, many do
when the lexapro is working properly, less valium is needed, both meds go well together