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Hey 55,

So sorry you are feeling so bad. I can totally relate. I am 45, still having periods, and have all of the pm symtoms. It is soooo scary. My anxiety is totally related to the fact that after a gazillion docs, noone can tell me what's wrong. I did go to a Psychiatrist who finally said all the muscle aches and twitches could be from anxiety...that helped a bit. The only thing i have found to help with the anxiety is Ativan.I guess its the new Valium. I hate taking anything, but I was where you are...at the end of my rope with a 16 year old and a 12 year old....Its not like we can just hang it up .... so, the Ativan works within about a half hour to calm me down....How is your sleeping? Its really important to get that figured out too. hang in there and let us know how you are doing.