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I need help with the symptoms i have. Not too sure what i have, neither is my doctor, though he is pointing in 1 direction, i do not feel it is right, but i cannot find any information.
I am female, 19 yrs old, 110 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches. From the Philippines.

At different times, intervals my body paralyzes completely. I know a few seconds before it happens, i can feel it coming. The stiffness in the whole body can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. My body becomes hard as a rock. People around just try to massage my body when this happens. I saw my doctor, and they discovered a hole in 1 of my heart cavity, and said that any time i would feel tired, high high emotions, etc. this could start this body stiffness. The last time they had to give me a valium to completely relax my body. This happens on and off.

I originaly though i was having seizures, but these normally last 5-10 minutes.
When my whole becomes stiff, i am not shaking or anything, i just become completly stiff, and become unconscious.

I am not sure what do to do anymore, what direction to go. I do take medication on a daily basis, but it does not prevent the "attacks".

Any advice is appreciated as to what it is i have, and if the heart problem could cause such symptoms