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Hi! I've been dealing with TMJ for 10 years now, but it has only been "minor" (i.e., jaw hurts some, occasional 4-5 second "locks", etc...) I've controlled it through heat, and watching carefully what I eat, yawning too wide, etc. I did see a doctor years back, but the only cure he offered was surgery, so I haven't been back.

After reading some of the stories here, I guess I've been very blessed! That is, until January of this year. I yawned and my jaw completely stuck open. I couldn't get it closed - ended up in the ER having to get it manipulated shut again. They gave me a prescription for flexeril and lortab (12). The flexeril, though leaving me foggy, seems to work wonders. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to the flexeril after taking it a couple days (heart racing, tingling extremities, etc.. "dystonic" reaction the doc said?)

Since then, I have been getting increasing headaches, which seem to only be getting worse and no longer respond to OTC pain meds (tylenol, motrin, Goodies powders..nothing) I still have 2 of the original 12 lortab that I am "saving" for the really debilitating headaches.

Ok, long story short. I *KNOW* I'm stressed (husband undergoing job change, money issues, etc.) and tend to clench my jaw etc. I think muscle relaxants (at night only, I need to be functioning during the day as I have 2 small kids to take care of) would be an incredible help. I can't sleep so many nights because I am in so much pain and my whole jaw, neck, etc... feels so tense.

So, here is my question, if I can't take flexeril, what can I take? What really helps? I was in a car wreck about 7 years ago and took Soma for a neck strain, which I didn't have a reaction too, but I've read here that some doctors don't like to prescripe it. I read some here use valium. I've never taken any sedatives, benzos etc.. How do you ask for a prescription? I feel like a "drug seeker" even asking, but I have got to get some relief. Is it better to ask the family doctor or the dentist (I'm seeing a new dentist for TMJ next week - but he is an old family friend)

Thanks for any advice and it is SO good to know I'm not the only one!!

(who's head feels like it may fall off right now, but I've got to go take care of my two kiddos!)
Michelle, I tried zanaflex, flexeril and even valium for my muscle headaches. Honestly, nothing worked as good as Soma. I take 4 a day. They really don't make me sleepy and I can function fine during the day, but of course everyone is different in how they react.

Don't feel like a drug seeker. I felt that way at first but if you find the right doctor, they will know you are in pain and try to help with meds. My doctor told me he can spot a drug seeker right away, but that he can easily tell them apart from those that really need it.

Let us know. Julie
Sorry to hear you are going through such horrible pain.

Throughout the years, doctors have tried other things as muscle relaxants on me. Such as valium, elavil, ativan. What about robaxin?

I hope the you find something that helps you.

Feel better ((hug)) :angel:

Oh, I am in no way promoting taking drugs and drinking. But, if you are not taking anything...a glass of wine is a good muscle relaxant. Again, make sure no drugs are in your system, though :)