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Well, I think I am back with the living. I had a posterior cervical fusion on March 31st. I had an acdf four years ago levels C3-C5. Level C5/6 did not fuse, therefore the second surgery. This surgery was rough and I sure hope it works. The doctor used rods from C6 up to C3 and pretty well stabilized the whole thing. I had some weird things happen in the hospital and somehow ended up staying 4 days instead of 2. I had apnea after the surgery and stayed in recovery for quite a while. When I was brought to my room the nurse told me not to push the button for the pain medication because of the breathing problems and that I would not be getting a muscle relaxant until every one was happy with my O2 intake. I was supposed to be getting a baseline dose of pain medication but somehow that did not occur. Anyway, long story short, I went without any pain meds for about 8 ½ hours. When the staff figured out that I was not getting any meds, I was allowed to push the button. When I did, nothing happened. As you can imagine by this time I was a total basket case with pain and muscle spasms. (Apparently the drug Dilaudid does not work in everyone and I am included in that group. I have no idea why; the doctor said some people are just like that.) So my husband starts calling my doctor because he cannot get a nurse to respond to the nurse call. He finally gets my doctor about 5 AM and he orders Demerol. (I am allergic to morphine.) Once the Demerol hits, I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember eating, walking, doctor visits, going home, nothing. It’s all gone, from the combination of Demerol and Valium according to the doctor. Has anyone out there been through this drug nightmare? And my other question…is taking the muscle relaxant therapeutic or just to be taken on an as needed basis? Will taking it regularly work better than just taking it when the spasms are bad? Thanks
Hi Ander,
Had the same surgery in November - the first 6 weeks were tough but in retrospect it was more than worth it, just take things VERY slow and easy.
When I got home I found that percocet controlled most of the pain although I needed one to two in the morning before I could get comfortable enough to shuffle round the house. I saved the valium for muscle spasms and found it most useful early on in my recovery and to help me sleep.

It has taken all this time to get back to normal, you need to be patient but, certainly in my case, it's made a major positive difference and I feel almost normal again. Not only did my surgeon do a great job but I also had an outstanding physical therapist who very gradually has helped me regain almost normal neck movement and upper body strength. I still go to him while transitioning to a controlled exercise program at the gym which he has checked out and approved.

Good luck, hope you do as well as I did in spite of the rough start.
I am sorry LAcat for all your bad experences too. My blood pressure shot up to 186 over 101 and a heart rate of 122. My husband kept going out to the nurse's station and it still took over 1 hour to get a nurse in the room. They had me hooked up to the teley machines but were only monitoring my blood ox. So no alarms went off when my blood pressure went high. Thank goodness for my husband. Valium works best for me but the side affects are not worth it. I can't remember much of what happens when I am taking valium. I was taking another one I don't remember (see) and now I take the flexiril. It is pretty mild and I can function. What we go through! Best of luck to you in your healing.