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Hello, my name is Kim and at 4pm today it will be the first 24 hrs that I have not had vicodin!!! I have so many emotions running thru me I feel like my mind is spinning! I have tried tapering back but never could, if I had them I took them! I was on 2 (10/235) several times a day, probably around 10-15 per day, it was a constant viscous cycle, I would get them, take them and run out way before I was due for my refill....it was horrible and completely running my whole life! I have finally realized "enough is enough" I can not live a nother day like this, it's like I have been living 2 separate lives b/c so many people don't know it and the ones that do try to talk to me and I get very defensive! I have had a hysterectomy & neck surgery about 3 months ago, but I have been on and off these for well of a year! I'm a little freaked out b/c I don't know what to expect....I've been running to the bathroom but I can live w/that, it's the creepy crawling feeling I get all of my skin, it makes me feel like I'm going to freak out! B/C I'm a single mom I didn't want to go away for rehab, I thought I'd try it on my own w/my moms help, she is aware of it! So is my sister, and she had the nerve to ask me to drive to her house and bring her soda & cigs and she'd give me a painpill!!!!!!!! I was so angry, I am proudl though b/c I told her NO that I just wanted it all done with. At 4pm today I'll have my first 24 hrs behind me~What should I expect from there????I do have Valium to take when things are really bad, but I don't want to get hooked on that too! I would appreicate any feed back you might have, maybe what I should expect or things I can do to make it easier. Thank you for your time,,,,,Good Luck, Kim
OK Kim first 24 hours is very good.......the next 24-48 could be the toughest. Use the valium to help you sleep, also immodium for the bathroom and gatorade because you need to keep hydrated. I know you are thinking I can't take this anymore......just know that in a few days you'll be better and you will have broken the cycle. Many people here on this board have been through it, I have too.......I am sending you all the positive vibes I can.....Keep us posted and hang tough my dear, YOU CAN DO IT!!
I know how hard it is...........and it will probably get a little rougher. You need to read the Detox Recipe that should be on the first couple of pages here, I will try to bump it. Only use the valium in the evening to help with sleep. Your right, you don't want a "problem" with benzos. I was were you are at 40 days ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Go search my name and you can follow my entries through the first 30 days. Not gonna lie, it was tough, but doable. Are you using Immodium for the bathroom runs? It works well. Also, make sure to take Vitamins. Check out the detox recipe for the use of L-tyrosine, B12, and other important info. Take a lot of "hot" baths to help with the skin crawls. I was taking 5-6 hot baths or showers a day. Try to get up and do something physical, it helps a ton also. I found when I was doing something to take my mind off of things, it really made the day go by faster. Writing to this board can be really therapeutic also. We are here to support you, and you can do this! I did it off of a 20+ Norco a day habit.