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Thanks for replying. I have been to several Dr.'s, OSS'S AND NS. Fusion at this time is the only option I have. They cant decompress w/o it because of instability. I am not a candidate for ADR, already looked into that. My current OSS says to wait it out and see if some new procedure comes along but I dont know how much longer I can wait. It has been almost 2 years since the original MRI revealed these findings. The most current MRI shows that the stenosis is getting worse. I am not rushing into any surgery. I did have the surgery booked in January but canceled it because I was not mentally or physically ready. I have had 4 spinal surgeries already the last one not being successful so I still have c-spine problems. I am just curious if any one on the boards have had such an involved ( multi level fusion ) lumbar spine operation.
Current meds:
durages patches 25mg, oxycodone break through pain, topamax, valium
trigger point injections for cspine June 2005
ESI lumbar spine June 2005