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to babykitten
anxiety often effects the throat, making swallowing difficult or impossible for a while but its nothing to worry about, the throat muscles just become too tense for a while, if you have problems with swallowing food, just keep chewing and eventually when distracted you will swallow without realising it

remember that the swallowing reflex is automatic

get some books and or tapes about overcoming panic disorder or agopraphobia, try a library or any large bookshop or see whats available on the net, theres lots for you to learn basicly its called CBT
meds also help, any valium type med, taken as needed in the correct dose will help a lot, some docs will hapily prescribe these, but some wont at all

most docs will eagerly prescribe an antidepressant such as prozac but at 15 you may be a bit young and also there cab be quite severe early side effects

your anxiety feelings are common, try to accept and work your way thru them, deep slow breathing will help to calm you, these feelings wont hurt you or cause any problems
dont tune into your heart or monitor it, try to ignore your heart

stay with us :rolleyes: