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Boy, I have posted and read alot and prolonged the inevitible...I have clonidine (blood pressure) I have Valium ( anxiety) Immodium, L-Tysorine and it just so happened ten days off work....so what am I waiting for....My last day off work is Friday I guess thats D day...Five days of my live compared to two years...it doesn't seem bad...at this point I would stand head first in a bucket of *whatever* :D to get off this crap. I am done. I have always said to my clients that anything is possible if you want it bad enough....you just have to want it bad enough....so I guess come friday I'll test my theroy 'cuz there is nothing I want more right now then to be clean.....Any last words of wisdom or advice would be very helpful.....You guys are so great...and inspiring I never in a million years thought It would be so helpful....Thank you.