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I can only imagine what it is like to take Oxycontin. I've never been on it.
But, with what the pain does, in totality...I can see it.

Look at us. You're up pretty late, and so am I.
I try to sleep. Usually, I get about an hour a night. My doctor (oral surgeon) gave me Valium. It interacts strongly with the Duragesic patch...where I sleepfor about 12-15 hours. So, I really don't take it...having to drive and work.

You know, I've thought a lot about something you said...about helping others with this.

A while ago, I began writing an autobiographical book about my life. Life has seemed to hand a lot out to me...and, many around me are totally shocked that I have 'flourished' (ok, right now I am questioning that). But, anyway, one chapter of it was how I dealt with the TMJ the first time...when I was a teen.

I've written alot about it....probably because that is how I best communicate. One of the things that suprised me, and still does, is other's reactions to it. And, you are right, most of us share the common thread of manuevering through this maze essentially alone.

It still shocks me how little the general public knows about TMJ and what it does to every single aspect of our lives. For myself, I used to be this fiercely independent, strong woman who was determined to be a success.

When I first went through this, people really thought I would not graduate high school, much less get three college degrees.

Anyway, I would definitely like to continue my book. Because, I truly believe that the one single thing people need to learn from this is compassion. This isn't a dental problem, though it may have those issues. It is a medical issue that we all know, too well, that wreaks havic through our lives like a wrecking ball.

My older brother is a doctor. About a few months ago, I asked him to help me with researching the total joint replacement. His only comment was, "It's not my area". Basically, sorry, not going to help you. I didn't ask for money...even though ...well, long story....

My twin, well, he is a newlywed who hasn't spoken to me since his wedding in Nov. If I needed advice or help of anykind....chances are he'd hide under a rock like an ostrich.

My mom calls, once in a blue moon. She has her own health issues. She has offered help, as much as she can..BUT, I just can not accept it.....for many reasons. But, the last conversation we had, her tone was derogatory...I've never felt 'supported' by her.

Thankfully, when I go through the surgery (crossing my fingers and praying to the Lord), I know there are a couple of people who will be there for me. They are there for me, as much as they can...because, think of it, there really isn't a textbook on how to help those you love with TMJ. (hmm. another thought)

Anyway, after all of this, a friend of mine told me I need to meet more people. to go out. to have fun. I really do not know if I am depressed; but, I know this. How can a person have fun being in severe pain? worrying about the financial burden TMJ causes? worrying about surgery? worrying about losing my job, my home? You know, the whole enchilada?? For me, I just can not do it, anymore.

I just hope for peace, for all of us.....even if its' just one night :)

Hope you have a restful night. ((hug))