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I just started reading your posts a few days ago after stumbling on this topic from another health issue. I'm impressed by all of your willingness to get healthy and the courage to go CT. I started using pot when I was 11 and hallucinogens at 13. I drank off & on but always too much until my 20's when I drank pretty much daily. By 25 I had a decent job but was about to lose it and had some horrible experiences with black outs from drinking and near overdoses from cocaine, etc. At 14 I was using 10 valium a day. I'm telling you this so you know I too can relate even though it has been a while. I got sober in rehab and still attend 12 step meetings. I sponsor women and stay close to newcomers. Because of all the people in recovery I know, I have the privilege of running into them in my community all the time. At the grocery store, kids school, the park, driving down the road...we are everywhere by the thousands. It is so awesome. It's great to have this online connection but just imagine having support all around you. My drinking and using buddies have totally been replaced with clean, sober people. I hope all of you will consider reaching out for help in your community as well as here online. There are warm arms just waiting to embrace you and love you back to life, one day at a time. :angel: