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Yes, Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) is stronger than Morphine. After my surgery they had me on a PCA of .3 of dilauid. If you need help sleeping (Because I can't sleep in the hospital) you can ask for sleep meds. Commonly used in hospitals are benzo's (Valium, Ativan) or maybe something like Ambien.

One thing that I found for ME was that the PCA didn't work to well for me. My Dr finally changed me over to dilaudid IM (Injection Muscular). That seemed to work much better. About every four hours they would stick me in the thigh and being in the muscle it takes a little longer to circulate so you don't get the immediate relief, but it lasts longer than the IV which will give you instant relief. If you are having a bad time, sometimes they can give a little in the IV for immediate and follow-up with an IM. It just depends on the Dr.

Best of luck with the surgery, and I hope you stay pain free and least 50% or more.