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Hi worried mummy
this sounds like the subject for a horror movie, why not write a script and try to sell it
nothing all that special about klonapin/clonazepam, its just 1 of many valium type meds and basicly the same as all the others
much depends on his dose, what is it?
sounds like he also needs stronger meds, have you seen a psychiatrist, as they should know lots about meds for his problems
maybe taperecord or videotape his activities, does he remember much the next day?

klonapin can make a person seem drunk or drugged at first until they get used to it and alcahol increases this
his dose is only small and his reaction to it is unusual, how did he react to other valium type meds?
some people are very sensitive to them , especially at first, behaving as if drunk or drugged, these people often reduce the dose by cutting the tablet or buying a pill shaver for smaller amounts, but anyhow as I said klonapin is much the same as valium and not a strong med and rarely addictive either

I would be thinking about seeing a psychiatrist who may be able to offer more help and other meds
whilst klonapin was originally developed for epileptic siezures, its just one of many valium type meds and his dose for most people is quite small
Quote from worried_mommy:
...Did your Father remember any of the things he did? Or any of his dreams? My DH doesn't remember a thing.

For the most part, yes, he does remember. And from what I understand that's pretty typical with RBD as opposed to sleep walking whereby the person is usually more confused, disoriented and remembers little, if anything when woken. I'm not sure if that's the distinguishing feature between the two but if so, then I'm definitely off the mark in suggesting he has RBD. Told you I was no expert! :)

Anyway... I think the recommendations that your husband consult a psychiatrist are right on. Going armed with a video is a terrific suggestion too. My father takes 1.5mg (he's 6 ft, about 180 lbs), so to me, your hubby's dose sounds quite small indeed. And my understanding of the drug is that it's basically a sedative, just like Valium as hry33 stated in a previous post.