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Quote from fj31:
I've been taking them for the past 8 years and also will spare the details. I did stop on Sunday and its not as bad as I thought. I did taper down to 3-4 a day the last week but before that I was taking 20 + a day of the es. There is no way I can keep it under control. For me if I have them...I take them. Its just that simple. I also agree with UKonom, the w/ds shouldn't be to bad. The worst for me are the nights and the restless
legs. Drink a lot of water and take hot baths. Also vitamin b12 helps. Do this now before it get worse.


I am going to start now, I don't want this to get worse. I will drink alot of water and I will take your advice and take the b12. I have a little bit of valium for the sleepless nights. I have never had a problem with that drug. I only had it for some occassional insomnia. I have to say that I am nervous.