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My brother is getting almost all his narcotics by prescription from a quack doctor. I can't believe what all this doctor is giving him. Oxycontin, Vicodin, Xanax, and one that is similar to valium.

What would happen if I called the doctor about all this medication? He must know how messed up my brother is just by the quantity that he is providing him.

Do you think the doctor would stop prescribing them to him? I know my brother would be furious with me, and be real sick with withdrawls.

Is this something I should even consider??? Would it even do any good as far as helping him get straightened out?

He doesn't work, and the state is paying for all these drugs. If he got cut off, he wouldn't have the money to just buy them on the street.

Sorry for so many questions. I am so afraid he's going to kill himself, and I couldn't stand it if I didn't know I did everything that I could.

Totally call the people you report dirty doctors too. That doctor knows he does not need all of that. Xanax and valium and what is it Kalotopin is the same meds. same almost exact. you don't ever have all three perscribed to you at once. As for you.... I know you are stressed and worried but have you ever heard the sain "let go and let God"? It is time . it is time to do that and save your sanity. Pray and let go of the issue. This one is between him and God.