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Does anyone else have this problem? I am facing 2 root canals and once that drill starts I want to hit the roof. I have done a lot of reading about the effect of anxiety on pain and I intend to take some Valium before I go. I just had 4 extractions under IV sedation and this was wonderful, of course. The office manager at my regular dentist's office belittled me for not having them done there and said I had taken a serious risk "going under" and that some folks actually die! Know what I said? I'LL TAKE MY CHANCES!

Anyhow, staying on the subject...any tips on just how I can get the max effect from novacaine? I am not looking forward to tooth #12 being drilled into. This is an upper and I really have pain up there when they work in that area. Since I am being referred out to an Endo, maybe I'll have more luck because that's his specialty. I AM SO TIRED OF THAT DRILL. More than once I have cried in the car when I was finally out of there driving home... :confused: