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I have a big problem with panic/anxiety disorder but most of the time I do ok. But the biggest problem in recent years is laying awake unable to sleep obsessing about things that have happened or going to happen. For instance if I know I am going to meet friends or do something special the next day I absolutely cannot sleep, end up having to take part of a Valium. On the other hand when something bad happens (like yesterday someone incorrectly accused me of something) I cannot stop thinking and worrying about it :confused: and lay awake until I take something. I am not much into meds, I am in my 60's and had panic/anxiety for over 30years without drugs (except the occasional 1/4 of a 5mg valium)and don't intend to start now especially as these are isolated incidents plus its obvious to me that I need to have better control of my thoughts but how? I do pray and that helps me as I know God is in control of all things but somehow my thoughts keep getting in the way especially if my feelings are hurt or I feel wronged :( I did go to some Cognitive Behavior instruction but they charged so much and my insurance hardly covered it plus somehow it seemed to make me nervous. Btw I have found that deep breathing definitely helps with panic attacks and have found many ways to help myself thru these past years. I also have mitral valve prolapse (heart murmur) and found that many people with this do not handle stress well. Thanks for any ideas :wave: