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Hello, Jake!! I am 24 and have severe anxiety and panic, plus manic depression. I have been hospitalized more than 20 times. Aftere going on every antidepressant at least 2 or 3 times, I finally was prescribed 250 mg. of regular Depakote by a nurse practitioner. I have been in the E.R. with a major attack only once, and that was when I had temporarily ran out of Depakote. I admit, I still take a Valium or a Xanax every once in a while, but i am managing on Depakote very well. I am not at all cured but I am much better. I had become unable to work even at my age but now I am planning on taking a few classes or even getting a part time job soon. I still have severe bouts of insomnia at times and I take Phenergan(check out my "Phenergan" post). Insomnia may not be your issue and if it is your general practitioner maay prescribe a better sleep aid. My nurse practitioner does not have a DEA number and doesn't do controlled drugs. I dare not to take any of the sedating antidepressants because of fear of another manic episode. In March I needed a increase to 500 mg. on my Depakote. I hope you give this a chance to work and if it doesn't seem to be working, ask your doctor to adjust it. This drug is slowly allowing me to re-enter the world again. Good luck to you!!