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Benzo's are not as easily handed out as they used to be.

From my own point of view, I'd say steer clear of the damn things...I was addicted for almost a year to sleeping pills and valium. It was one of the worst times of my life.

Maybe your doctor thinks you'd possibly have an addictive personality? There are many other antidepressants out there that have relaxing properties that would probably work far better and be less risky to take that valium, lorazopam or anything in the benzo family.

I understand wholeheartedly how awful this is for you, as an ex sufferer myself I was agoraphobic and had a touch of social phobia thrown in.

The best way through is by facing what you are afraid of, of course this is always easier said than done.

Stick with it, all my love to you xxx
here is what worked for me: I went to a young GP but NEVER brought up a medication. All I said was, "I cannot go to sleep at night. I am Not depressed; I just can't go to sleep." So he gave me 30 valiums a month. I filled out a list of questions THAT THEY REVIEW and I did not mention any anti depressants I had taken in the past. If you do, then they're convinced you're depressed!
Now, here's the difference: I was 49 years old then. In some way, that gives the doctor more "confidence" that the patient doesn't have any weird ideas going on. It's a discrimination, of sorts, yes. A married, 49 yr old woman simply exudes more self control than someone of your age. :confused:
So, go see another doctor. Ok? My daughter is 39 and she said doctors won't give her anything either!