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The actual withdrawal from the opiates lasts 1 - 2 weeks. After that, there is no further withdrawal, as all traces of the drug are gone.

However, a person still undergoes a sort of "rebound effect" due to deprivation of narcotics which makes one quite weak and restless and susceptible to chills, night sweats and insomnia for some time (up to 30 days) even after detox. The rebound effects can be marked enough to seem like continued withdrawal and can lead to relapse.

The rebound effect is the body and CNS trying to adapt to functioning without the presence of drugs.

-Avoid any drugs whatsoever. Sleeping pills, benzodiazepines like Valium, muscle relaxants like carisoprodol (Soma), etc.; these do not really help as much as you might think and simply prolong the recovery period. The sooner you allow your body and brain (neurotransmitters) to adjust to functioning without any drugs the sooner you will feel better.
-Try herbal remedies for the rebound effects such as weakness and restlessness, chills, night sweats and insomnia. Do not discount the proverbial warm glass of milk at bedtime.
-Proper diet -- essential. LOTS OF FLUIDS -- flush your system out and hydrate your dehydrated body recovering from detox. Vitamins and other supplements may help your body recover sooner as well.
-Exercise as soon as possible, even if this means just taking walks or getting out of bed to walk around. The sooner you get back into some form of real exercise, the sooner your body will recover.
-Try sauna and steam rooms if available and repeated hot showers to "sweat it out" and ease the chills. Hot showers will also help you sleep.
-Try not to focus on the rebound effects and instead focus on recovery and the fact that as long as you stay drug free you will be FEELING BETTER EACH DAY. Attend as many recovery oriented group or therapy meetings as possible.

The key of course to staying clean and sober after any withdrawal is a program of recovery, whether “powerlessness” 12 step oriented like Narcotics Anonymous,
or “self empowerment” oriented like Smart Recovery.