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Have him prescibe you 10 MG of Valium....That should do it..
Thanks guys for the replies, you know wot its like when ur head goes off on one lol

Paxil......is valium any different from diazepam???
I didn't go to the dentist for 6 years because of my anxiety. (I know how gross!).
By then, I was diagnosed with moderate periodontal disease. Anyway had to have gum surgery at 3 seperate times. The only way I got thru it was the periodontist pre-treated me with 17 mgs. of valium each time. I still felt a bit apprehensive, but was able to do it! And I was so proud of myself. BTW, found out pretty much any dentist or clinic will pre-treat you with valium if you ask for it, even for basic cleanings.
[QUOTE]is valium any different from diazepam???

Valium is Diazepan. Same stuff.... Paxil is Paroxetine...
Diazepam is the generic form of Valium, the same thing. Ask for gas too!!