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[FONT=Verdana]Joan- Just remember that you will have to go through the withdrawals ALL over again if you give in now. Use us for your strength! I was kicked out by my Dr. a couple years ago because I was on the verge of divorce, went to the ER for a severe eye infection & panic attack and they gave me 10 Valium to calm me down. My doc just "happened" to order blood work the next day and sent me a letter saying I was released from his care due to benzos found in my blood. He did not allow for an explanation or anything, and I am a goody goody when it comes to following the rules. It just goes to show you that Dr.s are out for the money & protecting thier own arse and supposedly "caring" about us is just blowing smoke. Please get a new doc, even if you have to drive an HOUR out of the way. Be straight forward with the Dr. from the get go. Take it easy on yourself and try not to take it personally. I guarantee that your struggle and situation has made you a far better human being in this world than that Dr. will ever hope to be. You have the ability to feel true compassion for others and offer help unconditionally, which is more than I can say for alot of us. Best of luck-my thoughts are with you...

-Bear :blob_fire [/FONT]