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Thank you! You sorta answered it. I don't know if anyone can answer it. It is hard to pin point why. I just wondered though. I hope you stick to your guns!! So many go back to using. My husband was a pain!! I was just about done. It was a number of things that made him clean up. Now, I can't really tell you for sure how long he has been clean. He used without me knowing!! Go figure! He had done before and I knew he would again. I really didn't believe him when he said he was really done. I saw changes gradually. I didn't make any words of encouragement. I wish I would have. I just didn't know if it was really going to happen or not. He burnt me pretty good. Now though, oh, if only words could describe it!! It is so wonderful!! I don't rub it in about the past. I am trying to just let the past be the past! Hard but I don't want him to feel like he is still a failure. He had so many emotions going through him.

He lived on immodium and valarian (sp?). He was taking about 8 or more valarian a day! It might help you to. It is a natural valium. It helped him tremendously. He isn't taking anymore. Unless, he feels like an emotional basketcase!! Keep yourself busy! Don't clean your house to bare walls!! There is only so much cleaning you can do at home!! lol!! Keep up the good work though! In the end, it really pays off!!!

Take care!!