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Hi seriousperson! We have all kinds of things in common it seems!
So I have terrible issues with any invasive medical procedure. I literally have panic attacks when I have to get a pap smear and four doctors have told me that I have been abused in my past and I’m "blocking" the memory of it. I don’t believe that, but I eventually got told that so much that I did investigate a bit by talking to my family and seeing a psychiatrist. As far as I know, I was never abused. So I’m not sure where the problem comes from.
With my pregnancy, I actually wound up having to have a D&C because the sac kept growing and the miscarriage would not start. I was at the end of my first trimester and finally agreed to have the D&C. Yes, it was traumatic as anything. Psychologically that is, I was devastated and did not feel that I was in control of what was happening to me. So I think that’s part of my panic right now. I just really don’t know how to cope with someone coming at my eye with a needle!
I thought about calling and asking for a valium, but valium does not work for me. I’ve been given it before for dental surgery with zero affect.
Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot. I’m leaving in just a few minutes and my heart is RACING.
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