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Well from what you have discribe it sounds like an absess. An absess can be located above one tooth but the actual infection starting area in the tooth next to it. You really should make an appointment and get that checked out before you end up losing the tooth that is infected and other teeth around it.
Try taking a valium or something similiar before going in to the office. But please have someone drive you. You can tell your dentist about this phoebia and he might even give one to you. Just a thought.

Can you feel pressure up in your cheek area or anywhere else around the area??? Any pain???? You don't need to have these symptoms for it to be an absess just curious. Hope you are feeling better soon and let us know how it goes.

Heh, actually I've tried Valium before, and it didn't work.

I don't feel any pressure or anything, and it doesn't hurt unless I poke it.