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I don't really have any advice for you regarding M.M. and aa but wanted to welcome you to the board.

I was also introduced to recovery many years ago, 1982. I stayed clean and sober for 13 years. Of those years I attended meetings sporadically for the first 3-4 years. Fast forward 10 years and I started using valium for anxiety and quickly added vicodin and alcohol. Nine years later I was miserable and wanted off the merry-go-round. I tried and tried stopping by myself but couldn’t manage to stay that way so, I went back to aa and counseling.

Does NA frown on M.M. too? Not that I'm saying that is where you should be, I was just wondering if that would be a way to stay connected and work your program. There does seem to be a lack of understanding regarding M.M. but I would think if you are a chronic pain suffer that the attitude would be a little different.

Personally, I think any way you can stay sober is good. I admit I don't fully understand maintenance but I try to keep an open mind. I would think there are other AA members that feel like me as well. Yes, I'm in AA now and have been clean and sober for almost 10mos!

I'm sorry you don't feel as comfortable in AA as you once did but I do hope you say to Hell with those with the tudes and go anyway if that is where you want to be. I love it but I'm not always comfortable there.

Welcome and write often.

Take care,