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Hey Large,

Unfortunately, I don't have a answer for you regarding duration of the RLS. I would think it would be going more and more and be less of a problem for you with each passing day. RLS appears to be related to the dopamine pathways in the brain, which we have all screwed up to some degree with opiate abuse, therefore it is very common in opiate w/d. Primary RLS can be treated with Parkinson's drugs like Mirapex and Requip, but at this point, I would say it's still way too early to proclaim it anything other than residual w/d. My wife gets it and she thinks eating bananas helps...she also thinks exercise helps. There are tons of sites online for RLS sufferers, with everything from snake oil to valium suggested as a 'fix'. I wouldn't recommend either of those, but you might find some homeopathic remedy useful (there is no shortage of them out there).


Hey girl...I'll ask a couple of orthopods I know...if I can get them off the golf course:). Have you had any surgeries, replacement discs, etc.?


Hi ya! No surgeries on my back anyway.. The only thing that was ever done was a steroid injection(which I hear now costs like $1500)..I was 90% pain free for about 6 months. But I guess the more you get them the shorter length of time the last(did that make sense?). Plus, they scared me by telling me how easily they could "slip" and paralyze me. But, I know too, they have to tell you that. Obviously, I was lucky. :) Hey, the dopamine pathways that we have screwed up, do they ever repair completely?

Ya know, loopman told me to try "valarian" for the RLS. It is natural "valium" I have taken it the past 4 nights or so, and I have actually slept better and more sound, I think. Try it Large, it can't hurt!!