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Hi everyone , i hope someone can help me , i`v had a dry mouth for 9months .

it all started when i suffered from panic attacks , and i couldn`t get my breath, so i went to the doctor, who put me on anti-depressents.
i felt alot better and was using valium also, to stop the panic..
but i started getting terrible night sweats, so i asked to come off them after 6 months.
i had a terrible time coming off , like my brain was swimming in my head and extreme dizziness, and my eyes felt like they were popping out.

at the same time i got a terrible pain in my jaw and right ear , i thought i had a burst ear drum, so the doctor put me on antibiotics, and i was taking many pain killers.
i was on antibiotics again, as the pain came back , still taking pain killers.

i decided to go to the dentist, and he found a bad tooth, hitting a nerve, and impacted wisdom teeth, i had 3 teeth x-rays.

he drilled the tooth , but 9 weeks later i was still in terrible pain and on pain killers.

so he tried to take the tooth out, for an hour i was held down while he used all his body weight to lodge it , half my throat was closed up from the needle, and i was panicing.
bits of the tooth broke down my throat , and the roots were left in .
next day i had an extrememly sore throat , so i went to the doctor again , i had a lacerated throat , and needed more antibiotics,
she said also to use a mouth wash.
the oral surgeon took out the roots.
i started getting lumps come up in my throat , and my tonsil was really big , so i took more antibiotics.
all of a sudden my tongue went really white and raised, and was so dry i couldn`t swallow.
i threw the antibiotics away.
the dryness continued, another doctor said i had thrush , i used 5 treatments all up ,
no better, another said i had stipped the lining off my tongue , he gave me , prednisone , i felt better for 2 days then back to how it was ,
i also have a rash all around my nose and mouth.

i`d had many blood tests, even for lupus , all are clear , the rash around my mouth became so bad i couldn`t leave the house, it got blisters on it and in my mouth , i broke out in other rashes on my leg and arms.

i went to a natureapath, he says i have a virus, in my neck.
he`s given me 2 lots of treatment in the form of tonic which gives you gastro 24/7 my rash is better, but i still have a dry mouth,
i just want my life back does anyone have any idea why i have a dry mouth? please help.
i`v been like this for 8 months, my mouth is better but still bothers me every day.
And people say i look sick.