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Hi jls,

I have been on Lexapro for about 5-6 weeks. First I took 5 mg, then was upped to 10 mg after a week, then, after about 4 weeks, i was upped to 15 mg. It has helped me alot. You really need to ask your dr. for something additional to help with the anxiety, til the lexapro kicks in. I hear that it takes about 6 weeks. I have changed doses twice, so have not really been on 1 particular dose for 6 weeks. I am fixing to ask my dr. for just a few valium for the really bad days. That helps too.

Some people can take lexapro and it works, and some people can take it and all it causes is problems! But it does take time for it to work.

Hope you feel better. Take care. Wannabe
Hi jls,

Each time I changed doses of Lexapro, I would have a little anxiety. But, I did have a few valium to use when I went somewhere really stressful! I would guess it took me a week or two, to hardly have any anxiety. Just remember different meds work differently for different people!!!

Oh yeah - about the sleeping problems. If I took it too late in the evening, I would have trouble sleeping. You need to take it either morning, noon, or early afternoon (say, 4 or 5 at the latest - of course it also depends on when you go to bed and how early you have to wake up!).

I hope you find a med that helps you, be it Lexapro or something else.

Take care. Wannabe
to jis
ask doc about reducing the dose, anxiety sufferers often need a small starting dose to help their systems get used to the lexapro, valium type meds also help
lexapro takes 2 to 6 weeks to work, with a small chance it wont work at all
Hi Mike,

If you are talking about Lexapro, I have mainly had good effects from it. See my posts on this thread from a day or two ago (2). The only other things I can think to tell you about Lexapro are, I probably should not have advanced upping my doses so early. Probably should have waited at least 1 mo. in between. But my dr. is the one that told me how and when to do it. I may ask to be upped to 20 mg. in a month or two. I just really have a stressful situation going on now - with no close end in sight! Also, I can really tell if I have missed taking my Lexapro by an hour or 2 (late). It really reminds me! I start getting anxious if I do not take it at the same time or before. And there is a little mild anxiety under the skin or way down deep in your body, til you get used to taking it. But it is nothing like before Lexapro!

Let me know how it goes with both your meds. Especially how the Neurontin helps, or makes you feel or whatever! Did a family dr. or someone else prescribe this for you? I do not know if my GP would add the Neurontin, so next time I go, I will just ask for a few additional valium (for the most stressful times of the week).

Talk back to us. Take care. Wannabe